Yorkshire is home to many farms, co-operatives and social enterprises growing both traditional and non-traditional herbs, fruit and vegetables.

The county has been world famous for its rhubarb for many years but now Yorkshire folk are growing produce that would normally be associated with warmer climes such as tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

We offer fruit and vegetables from all corners of Yorkshire and we especially like to work closely with Sheffield Organic Growers, based in Norton. Because they are located so close to the store, their produce is delivered freshly picked which means it tastes great and keeps well too.

We stock Sheffield Organic Growers’ salad leaves all year round, but look out for their courgettes and green beans in summer, and their squash and apples in autumn.

Whenever we can’t source something from Sheffield Organic growers, we will source it from Tadcaster based Organic Pantry and Bradford based Delifresh. Having said this, we will only stock something if it’s in season.

Eating seasonally is something we know our customers also take seriously. It helps us reduce the energy needed to grow food, supports the local economy and reconnects us with nature. Above all, seasonal food is tastier, fresher and more nutritious. And, because there’s enough to meet demand when a vegetable is in season, eating seasonally is also easier on the wallet!

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