Yorkshire is home to many dairy cows and there is plenty of milk, butter and yoghurts on sale here at Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium.

And then there’s cheese…

Our county is most famous for Wensleydale but have you tried cheese from Swaledale, Coverdale or Ribblesdale?

From cheddar to gouda, and blue to brie, we have a wide range of Yorkshire cheese available and we think we could give any European cheese counter a run for its money!

Our favourites include Cryer & Stott’s Flat Capper (a brie style cheese), Shepherd’s Purse Cheeses’ Bluemin White (soft and creamy with a hint of blue flavour from the rind) and Ewe’s Natural Rind from Ribblesdale Cheese (a lovely alternative to Parmesan).

Looking for Yorkshire cheeseboard? Why not head to the cheese counter next time you’re in store? Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect cheese for any meal or occasion. And, because we think cheese should be enjoyed, we’re happy to offer tasters to ensure you only buy the cheese you like.

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