Sadly, factory-farmed meat is as common as ever – something that just doesn’t sit right with us.

We’re not keen on eating meat that hasn’t been looked after at every single stage and we wouldn’t expect our customers to compromise on the quality of their meat either. So our butcher’s counter is only stocked with meat that comes from high welfare farms.

Our beef and lamb comes from Firs Farm on Ringinglow Road in Sheffield where, weather permitting, the cows and sheep are free to roam in the fields. The animals are born and bred on the farm where they are raised by their mothers to ensure they have the most natural start to life possible. The sheep and cows then remain on the farm, and will generally only need to travel once – to Calow for slaughter.

Working with such a small farm means that we can buy in the whole of the animal, which then allows us to offer you the full range of cuts, including some of the more unusual steaks such as pope’s eye and picanha.

Our pork is from Anna’s Happy Trotters, a farm that refuses to compromise on welfare and has made the welfare of its pigs the number one priority. This means that the pigs are kept outside in large paddocks with big tents to protect them in bad weather. 

With so much room to run around, the pigs use a lot of energy which then means that they grow slower than indoor-reared pigs. This slow-grow process and free range lifestyle ensures the meat is both tasty and beautifully succulent.

We regularly stock a range of sausages including Porkshire Terrier (made with Yorkshire Terrier beer), Olde English, Cumberland and Great Yorkshire varieties. We have both streaky and back bacon, both smoked and unsmoked as well as the delicious black treacle back bacon. In terms of cuts of pork, we have ham hocks, belly pork, Yorkshire chops, pork loin, cheeks and fillet. If you’re looking for something else, just let us know as we order direct from the farm.

Loose Birds in Harome supply our chickens and, as the name suggests, the chickens are entirely free range. They enjoy a longer life too as they’re slaughtered, on-site, at 12-18 weeks rather than the industry standard of 6-7 weeks. This makes for a much more flavoursome chicken, which is slightly gamier than the standard free range varieties. They’re a real hit with our customers who tell us the meat reminds them of the chickens they used to have as kids, before factory-farming.

As well as whole chickens we also sell packs of chicken thighs, drumsticks, wings, breasts and chicken livers.

If you ever have any questions about where our meat is sourced, which cut would be best for the dish you want to cook, or are looking for some recipe ideas, just ask a member of our friendly team for advice. We pride ourselves on product knowledge and will try our best to help you.

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