Top Tips – For Building the Perfect Cheeseboard

Mr Pickles' Cheeseboard, Yorkshire Cheeseboard

Although we’re renowned for Wensleydale here in Yorkshire, we do make a huge variety of cheese which means that we never have to travel far when planning a cheeseboard!

Here at Mr Pickles’ we have a great range of cheese and we regularly advise customers on how to build the perfect cheeseboard.

Here are our top tips:-

1) First you need to think about how much cheese you need. Obviously this is largely dependent on the number of people you need to feed, but you also need to consider whether the cheeseboard is served as a part of a bigger meal, or as the sole course. We generally recommend around 75g per person for the former and 120g for the latter.

2) Then you will want to work out how many different cheeses you would like to serve. We think big chunky pieces of cheese work best as they’re more inviting than thin slithers. So, thinking back to how much total cheese you need, if it’s, say 600g, we think three 200g chunks of cheese look more attractive than six 100g pieces of cheese.

As a guide we usually only recommend up to five different cheeses on one board, but this really does depend on the number of people eating from it and you’ll want to be flexible with this. If you’re unsure what works best, just pop into the Mr Pickles’ store and chat to our team; we can help you decide exactly how much cheese you need for any occasion.

3) Now comes the exciting part – choosing your cheese! As a starting point we usually recommend a good strong cheddar such as our Vintage Cheddar, a creamy brie like our Flat Capper and a flavoursome blue such as our Swaledale Blue. But we have lots of different options available at Mr Pickles’ and you may prefer Fountain’s Gold which is a creamy cheddar or Mrs Bell’s Blue which is a blue cheese made with ewes’ milk.

If you would like more than three different cheeses we recommend you add a Wensleydale and our Special Reserve is a good classic option as it’s crumbly and slightly tangy. We then think something a bit more unusual completes the cheeseboard and our Aged Goat’s Gouda is a good option as is our Bluemin White, which is a soft and creamy cheese with blue flavours running through the rind.

Of course, you might already have some cheeses in mind, so why not pop into the store to discuss your ideas and try some of the cheese we have in the counter?

4) The next thing to consider is how to store your cheese at home. We use a two-ply waxed paper to wrap your cheese as it allows it to breathe whilst protecting it from the air which can cause it to dry out. Your cheese needs refrigerating and will benefit from being kept at a stable temperature, so the vegetable drawer is perfect. If stored correctly your cheese should stay nice and fresh for up to four days, or longer.

We recommend you remove your cheese from the fridge some time before serving. Fridge cold cheese will be much more subtle in terms of flavour so it’s important to let it come to room temperature for around 30-60 minutes. This will also improve the texture of the cheese, especially a brie which will turn soft and gooey and delicious with a little time out of the fridge!

5) Now it’s time to serve! We like to use wooden boards as they have a nice rustic look and feel to them. There are a lot of cheese knives available on the market, but a small and sharp kitchen knife will do the trick just as well. Essentially you want as little contact between the knife and the cheese as possible, but unless you’re using cheese wire, this can be difficult to achieve at home.

Onto accompaniments and, as a general rule, we recommend a pickle with a cheddar and a beetroot chutney with a goats’ cheese. But with lots of biscuits, chutneys, pickles, relishes and even fruit cake, in store, we have lots of ideas and can help you choose the perfect accompaniments for the cheeses you’ve chosen.

Based on Abbeydale Road, Mr Pickles’ is open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, so if you’re looking for a fabulous cheeseboard in Sheffield, why not pop into the store for a chat with our knowledgeable team?

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