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Ribblesdale Cheese

For us, spring time is full of promise. From the new flowers coming through in the garden to the seasonal produce hitting our shelves, there is so much for us to look forward to at this time of year.

And as the sun grows bigger and brighter, we can’t help but start planning alfresco meals in the garden or out in the Peaks. Of course, we probably don’t need to tell you that we’re not talking soggy sandwiches and limp salads here at Mr Pickles’. Instead we like to dip into our cheese counter which is full of Yorkshire treats including pork pies from Liberty Foods and salami from Lishman’s of Ilkley.

When it comes to the cheese, we all have our favourites and right now Claire is rediscovering her love of Ribblesdale’s Owd Ewes’ cheese.

Cased in a natural rind, this cheese is good for a picnic of nibbles, but also works as an amazing alternative to Parmesan when cooking. It packs a punch and is hard enough to finely grate, although Claire prefers to serve it in shavings. Using a basic potato peeler, she’ll make ribbons out of the cheese so that she can use it as an ingredient of her dish rather than a simple garnish.

Owd Ewes’ is Claire’s top choice for a vegetable risotto or pasta dish. It has a lovely sharp tang which works really well with the slight bitterness of green leafy veg such as kale and purple sprouting broccoli. She also likes to pair it with root vegetables too, as that tanginess offers an interesting contrast to the sweetness of beetroot, parsnips and carrots for instance.

But Claire’s favourite way to serve Owd Ewes’ is on avocado and toast and, if she’s got a late start in the shop, she’ll occasionally treat herself to some for brunch – not only is it a delicious start to the day, it’s a real energy booster.

If you’d like to try some of Ribblesdale’s Owd Ewes’ Cheese, head to our cheese counter and speak to a member of the Mr Pickles’ team who’ll be able to talk you through our wide range of Yorkshire cheese.

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