Pickles’ Picks – Charlie’s Country Garden’s Pesto

Here at Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium we really enjoy experimenting with different flavour combinations which is why we love the Charlie’s Country Garden range of pesto so much.

And the it’s not just the flavour combinations that make this pesto so popular, it’s because Charlie alters the ingredients in accordance with what’s in season. So, a few months ago we were enjoying her wild garlic pesto, but now we have lots of her rocket, basil and nasturtium pesto in store. And it’s proving to be a real hit, especially with Lu who loves to stir it into freshly cooked wholewheat spaghetti with lots of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella – perfect for a quick and easy midweek tea.

Made with rocket and peppery nasturtium flowers, this pesto packs a bit of a punch and is a great addition to sandwiches or salads. Traditionally pesto was served in a dish of pasta, green beans and potatoes – the veg was boiled in the same pot as the pasta and pesto was stirred in just before serving. You could also try stuffing Charlie’s pesto under chicken skin before roasting, or mixing with breadcrumbs to use as a crust on lamb steaks, chops or fillets of fish.

rocket, basil and nasturtium pesto

As well as pesto, we stock a range of Charlie’s products including jams, chutneys, marmalade, dressings and flavoured oil and vinegar. It all tastes great but looks good too – each jar and bottle is labelled with a hand drawn label and given a little brown cap. They look fabulous in hampers and are a real hit at Christmas time as they’re perfect stocking fillers.

As with all of Charlie’s pesto, the rocket, basil and nasturtium is only available for a limited period, so if you want to try it, you should pick up a jar as soon as you can! Just head to our store any time from 8am to 8pm – you’ll find the it in the fridge.

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