Meet the Producer – Henderson’s Relish

Anyone living in Sheffield will struggle to imagine life without Henderson’s Relish, or Hendo’s as it’s affectionately known.

And that’s hardly surprising given the spicy sauce is reported to date back to 1885 when Harry Henderson made his first batch of the condiment in his home at 35 Broad Lane.

Since then the company has seen a couple of changes in ownership, but the relish has always been made to Harry’s original secret recipe  – one that is so secret only three people know it today. All we know is that Hendo’s is made using a blend of tamarinds, cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic and cloves. 


Often compared to Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, Sheffielders will vehemently argue that Hendo’s is far superior and vegetarians will also prefer Northern sauce – not least because it’s made without anchovies!

Hendo’s is probably best served with pie – in fact serving up pie and chips without a few splashes of relish just wouldn’t be right round these parts. We also like to add it to stews, casseroles and gravy for a richer, fuller flavour. Of course it’s our condiment of choice when making a Bloody Mary too!

Take a look at the Hendo’s website for some other cooking ideas and find out how you can use the relish in cured salmon and chocolate mousse.


Here at Mr Pickles’ we regularly stock bottles of Hendo’s and quite a few of our producers use the relish in their products too. The Hendo’s flavoured Yorkshire Crisps are a big seller, as is the cramalised onion and  Hendo’s chutney from Charlie’s Country Garden.

But it’s not just food lovers who lust after the spicy Yorkshire sauce. Richard Hawley loves it so much he had held his first self-titled album launch in the old Hendo’s factory, and Reverend and the Makers even dedicated a poem to the relish (which you’ll find proudly on display in the Mr Pickles’ store). In fact, the brand has become so iconic that the bottles often feature in work by Sheffield artists such as Pete McKee and Goo Design

If you are yet to try Hendo’s for yourself, or need to stock up, pop into the store any time from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. 

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